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2010-06-25 Meeting


The project “La Clac”
La Clac is a series of nights. Every night consists of concerts with 3 bands/artists and additionally performances, artistical expositions, DJ-ing and VJ-ing. This is a project organized by FBI Prod., an association in Annemasse. Claire from FBI wants to talk to us if we are interested to expose something on one night. More information later this week…

Stand at the “Fetons Linux” exposition
On the last meeting we decided to participate at this exposition. Paul and me, we went to their organisational meeting (on Monday, June 21). You will find a summary of the meeting on our mailing list. Or take a look at the wiki page created for this event. The goal is to define what to present and to find out who is willing to help organizing this event.

Joining the Post Tenebras Lab association
The membership application form is online now! Come to give us your signed form and discuss what you want to do in the association and expect from it.

add topics you want to talk about

Date and location

Rendez-vous at Les Brasseurs, facing Cornavin train station.

Claire is only available on these two dates.

The doodle is closed, the next meeting is on Friday, June 25

NomWed 23.6Fri 25.6
Falko Henschke2010-06-19 09:50:582010-06-19 09:50:58
Michael Jaussi2010-06-20 02:06:422010-06-20 02:06:42
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