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2011-02-03 Lift Conférence workshop organisation and planning page

Presence of PTL people

If you want to help as an instructor for the workshop please add your availabilities to the doodle.

NomThursday Feb. 3, 2011 (morning)Thursday Feb. 3, 2011 (afternoon)Friday Feb. 4, 2011 (morning)
Falko Henschke2011-01-09 21:44:432011-01-09 21:44:432011-01-09 21:44:43
Michael Jaussi2011-01-09 22:54:502011-01-09 22:54:502011-01-09 22:54:50
Paul Bristow2011-01-18 17:24:20  

To do List

What Who When Status
Complete material list and budget Falko 09 Jan Done
Command material Falko 10-11 Jan Done, mostly delivered
Buy plastic foil for protection Michael End Jan Wait. table plan
Make tools list ? ?
Define Videoblog Michael 23 Jan Ok on our site, to be tested
Create site for videoblog Michael 30 Jan YouTube + wiki PTL
Make slides for presentation Falko 30 Jan In progress
PTL People
Make timetable for PTL people Falko 23 Jan In progress
Make a plan of tables Falko 12 Jan In progress
Make a description for our site and Lift site? ? Done, translation in progress
Business cards ? 30 Jan ?
Sticker ? 30 Jan ?
PTL Banner Michael 30 Jan ?
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