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2011-03-31 Meeting


No special topic.

Date and location

Rendez-vous March 31 (Thursday), 19:00 at HEPIA Salle A431b.

You can fill out the doodle if you want, so we see who will come to the meeting.

NomThu 31.03
Falko Henschke2011-03-26 18:24:46
Lloyd Dizon2011-03-28 21:38:47
david hodgetts2011-03-30 11:45:20
Michael Jaussi2011-03-29 10:42:34
Jean-Pierre Rupp2011-03-29 22:37:40
Frederic Dubouchet2011-03-30 11:45:14
Erik Rossen2011-03-30 20:41:12
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