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What are we looking for?

In the general assembly of april 12, 2011 we discussed and voted for the minimum specs of a local:

  • workshop/studio type
  • possibility to make noise
  • 24 h access
  • water/WC
  • ADSL connection
  • ventilation
  • min. 42m²

To accept a local the sum of all membership fees must exceed 1.2 times the monthly rent

List of visited places

Adress Found when? Visited when Decision Agreed to participate in paying rent
36-38 Av. de la Praille, Carouge 12.03.2012 09.03.2012 No decision yet
2-4 rue des Peupliers, 1205 Geneva 01.11.2010 no decision yet, please act fast!Michael
114 rue de Lyon, Geneva xx.04.2010 22.04.2010 Too expensive
Rue Richemont 10, Geneva 16.07.2010 No decision yet
Rue Ancienne 54, Carouge 17.07.2010 Already rent
Avenue de la Gare des Eaux-Vives 10, Eaux-Vives end July 2010 02.08.2010 Not enough members agreed to particpate in funding Lloyd, Jean-Pierre R. , Julien G, Falko
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