PTL Status API - info

The PTL Status API is a simple webapp which uses the bottle python Web Framework. It is used for updating the Hackersapce Space API JSON file and more.

Space API Information

What is the Space API?

The purpose of the Space API is to define a unified specification across the hackerspaces that can be used to expose information to web apps or any other application. The specification is based on the JSON data interchange format.

Check out the Space API website and the list of apps using it !

Updating status @ Post Tenebras Lab

Status can be updated from the PTL Control Panel in the space.
This is a hardware box with analog gauges and levers (old voltmeter / ammeter)

Photo of PTL control panel

Note: Setting remaining time will change ppl count to 1 if unset

Music integration @ Post Tenebras Lab

As of early 2016, functionality was added for basic Music control/integration in the lab:

Note: MPD is used for music playback in the lab.

About Control Pannel @ Post Tenebras Lab

The PTL Control Panel uses an Arduino Uno with an Ethernet Shield. The Arduino sends POST request to the PTL Status API running on to update the status. The Arduino also send tcp command to MPD running on

The PTL Control Panel project is on our Github

Space API @ Post Tenebras Lab

Post Tenebras Lab publishes a JSON file following the Space API v0.13 specs

It can be accessed from any of the following URL:

The "cache" object in the JSON Space API indicate the allowed retrieval interval (for application...). The value "m.02" means every two minutes.

The space API Json directory provides a cached version at following URL:

Currently our JSON provides:

If you would like to add additional informations:

PTL Status API code is on our Github

PTL Status API status images

Check out the current PTL Status API images

If you want to hotlink to the images, please ask us.

Simple PTL Space API info retrieval

It is possible to use specific URL pattern to retrieve information from the JSON.
This is a simple parser and uses the following syntax: