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Join us every tuesday at our weekly meeting (en). For non-members who want to visit the lab, contact us!.
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Sometimes being lazy makes you do quite a bit of work.

Today I had enough of getting up to press the button of the HDMI switch that we are using to change the sources used for the sound system in the lab's kitchen (someone likes to use the ChromeCast, somehow). Sure there is a remote, but it usually stays, well, on top of the switch.

Someone installed a HomeAssistant instance recently, and we are starting to use it more and more for different things, from controlling the ventilation system of both the metal and wood workshop, watching CO2, temperature and humidity, to getting the next bus timetable (and (hopefully) soon the new LED lights).

So it was time to hack this HDMI switch so I can control it from the sofa, as it should be.


Link to the project, with more technical information: hdmi_switch_homeassistant

I was invited to a costume party where the theme was a favorite band. I always found the Daft punk helmet impressive so I knew I wanted to build that.


Unfortunately, I only had very few hours before the party so everything needed to be done quickly.

  • Found an origami plan made by LAPA Studio (
  • Transformed it into SVG suitable for laser cutting
  • Lasercut the design on cardboard
  • Glue everything together
  • Plaster all the surface to hide defects and make painting easier
  • Sand down to make it as smooth as possible
  • Spray paint (chrome-silver)
  • Add a sound module (because you have to speak in a robot voice, right?)

The whole build took about 5-6 hours to complete

We finally decided to upgrade the internet connection at the lab from the old 100Mbps contract, and what an upgrade.

We're switching to the Fiber7-X2 offer from Init7, with a stupidly high bandwidth of 25Gbps symmetrical.

(Oh and if you're a member and still reading, you might get some interesting mail very soon 👀)

But we signed our new contract the day the previous one ended, and need to wait up to 10 days for the new one to get activated.

In the meantime, we decided to switch to a 5G router. But hosting services like email or web applications behind a NATed address from the 5G provider is not possible.

Here is a small write-up about the solutions we put in place to make sure most of the things won't break.

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2022/03/18 02:17 · mborges · 0 Pas de commentaires

After recovering two of those beast that are the Vision Engineering Lynx, I gave one to the lab but wanted to have a proper arm to move them around and save a bit of space on the benches, since the ones I got are taking quite a lot room and have to be screwed in the bench.

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