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Alexandre Rosenberg

Email <My_first_name> <at> <r42> !ch
Interests Unix SysAdmin (Linux, BSD), computer Networking, Python programming, Learning about electronics and Arduino, audio (building loudspeaker…), Japanese language and culture, drinking and brewing beer, Simracing, playing guitar
Languages French, English, German, Japanese
Occupation Linux server and network SysAdmin
Updated March 2016


Linux / BSD

I have been using Linux on most of my computer since 2007. Before that I have been mostly using Windows. My first PC was MS/DOS + windows 3.11 on a 486 when I was a small.

I've worked 3 years as a full time Linux and Network Sysadmin. I've been managing Debian based Firewall/Gateway as well as other commercial Firewall and load balancer. I have experience with essential network services such as DNS, DHCP, Proxy (squid), NTP…

Home Network

On my home network I run a Pfsense Router with multiple Vlan. Here is the hardware I use:

I recommend getting the pcengines board directly from the manufacturer shop if you're in Switzerland. It's an excellent low power board for running PCengine. Unless you need more than wires 3 network interfaces and/or need to route more than ~300mbs, it's great.

I also run a home-built storage server which runs FreeNAS. I make use of the ZFS filesystem functionality such as RAID and snapshots.

Check out FreeNas and Pfsense. Both are good open source project (which just happen to use BSD).


I've been working on acquire basic electronic knowledge: Proper soldering, understanding circuit and components, using a Oscilloscope (…).

I've also been playing with Arduino.

Audio / Music

I am interested in audio and building my some audio gear myself.

  • I've been running Squeezebox (aka “logitech media center”) for years.
    • The server runs on a server at home
    • I use multiple squeezebox compatible software player running on PC or raspberry pi for listening to music.

Squeezebox was originally created by slimdevices which was latter bought by logitech. While Logitech has stopped developing and supporting the product, there is still a community of people using it. And it's all open-source.


Audio amplifier

I've been using some of the amplifier board (and more) form Sure electronics


Beside some basic bash programming, I also have some python programming knowledge.


I am starting brewing my own beer at the Lab. For now I've been using the easy way by using beer kit.

  • Batch 01 Coopers Irish Stout kit (~20l)
  • Batch 02 Gozdawa Pale ale (~23l)
  • Batch 03 Coopers Irish Stout kit (~20l)
  • Batch 04 BrewFerm IPA (~12l)


  • Raspberry Pi: Great little device for hacking. And now the Raspberry pi2 and 3 as well.
  • Pandora: Hybrid between a mini Linux computer and a gaming device. http://openpandora.org/
    • I am likely the new the new version (Pyra coming up soonish)
  • As a MeeGo/Maemo enthusiast (Linux OS used on Nokia N900 and N9), I got the spiritual successor: A Jolla phone. I am quite happy with it. And I hacked inductive charging onto it.

Previous / "old" gadgets

  • The “Ultimate” geek phone: Nokia N900. Possibly the only phone with a keyboard shortcut for opening a terminal (out of the box).


Here are some projects I did or am working on during my free time.

I also do various things for the LAB / PostTenebrasLab: Netwok cabling, space improvement, bit of cleaning (unfortunately), helping with SysAdminm network and Wiki/website.

2016 - Loudspeaker project

Will try to post more info…

2015 - Arduino / PTL-ino shield Luxseptem

  • First PCB design (to be milled at the LAB)
  • Very simple arduino shield with 7 Led
  • Intended for use with PTL-ino or Arduino Uno

More info: Shield Luxseptem

2015 - 555 timer

  • Did a simple 555 timer circuit on breadboard (blog entry)
  • Soldered “Three Fives” Discrete 555 Timer Kit from Evilmadscientist

I am also using those as an excuse to start playing with the lab Oscilloscope.

2014-2016 - PTL control panel

  • Worked on the PTL control panel started by sinux
  • Most of the hardware / arduino was already done (only made small changes)
  • Did the spaceAPI integration to update status (…)
  • In 2016, I added an arduino network shield to make it autonomous
    • Previously it was connected to our server “coltello” by USB (serial communication)
    • There where some issue with this setup which I never managed to properly troubleshoot (USB serial connected which would stop working are a few weeks or months).

Many more information about this project here: https://www.posttenebraslab.ch/status

2012 - GPIO Fun

Using the GPIO on the Raspberry Pi


2013 RPi as Squeezebox player

I am now running my RPi as a dedicated Squeezebox player. I am using Squeezeslave and an external USB soundcard. I have a small 2x15w class D board from Sure electronic connected directly (no preamp). Works great for now ;)

Still in use in 2015. I am planning for some improvements…

2013 LCD Matrix screen

USB 40×2 White Characters LCD Module HD44780 U402MB-B1

Getting it to work with LCDd deamon

2012 - TM 1638

Try go get the TM1638 working on the Rpi. Waiting for it to arrive (ordered from Dx)

RPi forum: some code to get TM1638 to work on the RPi: http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=10787&p=119969



Bus-controlled audio matrix


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