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Falko Henschke


Falko Henschke


email falkoolique@gmail.com
mobile (fr) +33 687 82 57 14
mobile (ch) +41 767 43 44 47


For me the idea behind Post Tenebras Lab is a place where you meet people interested in technical stuff. To learn from each other, to work together on projects and to share tools.

What am I interested in? At the moment: Using micro-controllers and LEDs to do blinking objects that are completely unnecessary. If one day we should have machining tools: make things out of atoms rather than bits.

Tools I have:
Soldering station
RepRap Mendel 3D-printer (still under construction, some photos of the printer at Fêtons Linux here)
Basic oscilloscope

Tools wishlist
Milling machine or router to produce PCBs

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