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Lloyd Dizon



Occupation: Engineer

Technologies I'm interested in: Electronics with the Arduino and Atmel microprocessors, RFID, LED matrixes, Zigbees.

Objectives: Give life to inanimate objects. Make things talk.

Tools I have:
Soldering iron
Computers and the Internet
7-string guitars

Tools wishlist
Pied à coulisse
Soldering station that heats up fast and goes to standby mode when not in use
Thermal camera (toy wishlist)
Spectrum analyser

Current projects

Bike tail light

These things cost around 10frs, and it probably costed 5x more to build this myself. But I wanted to build my own so I can program the sequence of LEDs I wanted to flash.

Lights flashing. Ready to be mounted. Next step is to build a enclosure and a bicycle mount. I'm currently looking into using Polymorph or 3d printing the enclosure/mount.

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