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 ====== Lloyd Dizon ====== ====== Lloyd Dizon ======
-{{:​people:​lloyd:​lloyd_201003121141.jpg|}}+===== About me =====
-===== Bio =====+**Work: ** Sysadmin
-**Occupation:​ ** Engineer 
-**Technologies I'm interested in:**  +**Objectives:**\\ 
-Electronics with the Arduino ​and Atmel microprocessors,​ RFID, LED matrixes, Zigbees.+Aim to master my mind through computing ​and arts (music and drawing).\\ 
 +Control the body (my body or everybody) through the martial arts practice.\\
-Give life to inanimate objects. Make things talk. 
-**Tools I have:**\\ +===== Projects =====
-Dremel\\ +
-Soldering iron\\ +
-Computers and the Internet\\ +
-7-string guitars\\+
-**Tools wishlist**\\ 
-Pied à coulisse\\ 
-Soldering station that heats up fast and goes to standby mode when not in use\\ 
-Thermal camera (toy wishlist)\\ 
-Spectrum analyser\\ 
-===== Current projects =====+==== 3D printing ​==== 
 +See Makerbot ThingoMatic
-==== Bike tail light ==== 
 +==== Networking ====
 +Connect everything to a network.
 +==== Green tea timer ====
 +==== Bike tail light ====
 +This is an old project I abandonned. Just not worth pursuing considering what we have in the market.
-**Motivation:​**\\ +{{lloyd_bike_tail_light1.jpg|}}
-These things cost around 10frs, and it probably costed 5x more to build this myself. +
-But I wanted to build my own so I can program the sequence of LEDs I wanted to flash.+
-Lights flashing. Ready to be mounted. 
-Next step is to build a enclosure and a bicycle mount. I'm currently looking into using Polymorph or 3d printing the enclosure/​mount. 
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