Urs Schroffenegger


Occupation: Yes

Interests: Programming, embedded systems, robots, planes, science, physics, languages, cooking.


  • Dremel 4000
  • Soldering iron
  • Multimeters
  • Analog scope
  • DSO
  • Power sources
  • Power meter



Meet likeminded people, share knowledge and have fun making projects. I made some electronics and model airplanes years ago and then went into software developpment. I'm getting back to more hardware work.


Embedded systems

I run a personnal mail and webserver on a SheevaPlug on Debian Squeeze. Currently adding some cloud functionality (CalDAV, CardDAV). I now have a CuBox on the way.

Simulation and graphics

I dabble a bit in simulation programs, to get some realistic physics and animations.

Open Source

I try to run exclusively open source software and sometimes write blog posts to help out people encountering the same problems I have.

My new toy project I'm starting: build a QuadCopter and try to make it autonomous!

I've always been curious about how beer is made and like drinking it. I think it's a good project to have the members work on a common goal and enjoy the fruit of their labor!


www: lampshade

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