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Hugo Day



I became a PTL member because I am interested in building a machine to convert gold and other metals into valuable plastics.

As well as transmutation, I have a keen interest in projects with both physical and software based results. I'm currently working at CERN doing a PhD in accelerator physics, but am associated with The University of Manchester and The Cockcroft Institute also. More specifically my thesis is provisionally entitled “Impedance Reduction Techniques in Collimation and Kicker Magnet Systems.” For a guide of what any of this actually means, feel free to ask.

My own projects are somewhat limited at the moment due to only having recently moved to the area and having very little housing space, but I'm interested in starting a mechanical project (possibly large, probably smaller), but would also like to work on electrical and software projects with others. Randomly acquired hobbies include martial arts, lock picking and climbing and jumping from assorted objects.

Unfortunately I may not be able to frequently make the Friday meetings, but will endevour to come along whenever possible.

Organisation of a drunken squirrel.


- Bike rebuild (learn about gearing and general putting things together)

  1. Bike basically broken now. How convenient…

- Small clockwork device (powered by flywheel or…)

  1. Have bits, now think of something to build.

- Small steam engine (teaches welding/brazing as well as providing a useful drive generator)

  1. Now have sourced where equipment can be purchased for this.
    1. Hand torch (Jumbo)
    2. Metal pipes (copper/galvanised steel) (Jumbo)
    3. Solder (Anywhere)
    4. Variety of tools (flatmate)
    5. Area containing possible explosion (balcony (hopefully))

- Stripping down locks

  1. Have lump hammer and lock picks. Now need lock

- Open source flexible database programme and front end (learning experience of GUI design and database design)

  1. Have an idea, need to implement. Need to learn about database design and OO first though. Possibly use website as a testbed for the first at least.

- Possibly blacksmithing something…

- Being roped into making a zombie film. Unwittingly dubbed “Head of Effects”, which seems to involve making lots of fake blood, fake skin and the occasional disembodied limb. Supposed to shoot in February 2011. Brains coming to a place near you soon! Filming in progress! Somewhat delayed. Taken to making props from spare parts pulled out of waste bins and whatever Jumbo sells cheapest. Learnt the importance of always carrying a multitool and a decent knife. Oh God it's eaten my life.

- Get around to going to another PTL meeting! Become a member! French even at a reasonable level now.

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