Recording - Open Hardware Initiative at CERN

Finally, I uploaded the recordings of the Open Hardware Initiative at CERN for those who couldn't make it to the talk… and everyone else on the Internet.

Thanks a lot to Javier Serrano, Tomasz Wlostowski, Matthieu Cattin and Eva Gousiou for their presentation.


Recording include Q&A session. I add to boost the audio during the Q&A as the levels where low, but is not too bad. Picture quality is very bad (webcam, dark room and low quality recording). Maybe we can do better next time…

There is also a audio version in ogg format. I think this is a good way to enjoy the talk when communing… Enjoy !

Recording @ PTL

Thanks to Sinux for creating the still with the event information. I've recently created a wiki page to put the info / resources related to doing audio / video recordings at our Hackerspace.

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