Just like the Bat-Signal is used to call batman, the PTL-signal is used to call a PTL member to open the door!

When you're working in the machines room, it is very difficult to hear the phone because of the noise. So we made 2 arduino pro mini that communicates over RF using the famous nRF24L01 chips (with external antenna) and the CH1817 chip to detect phone rings.

When a phone ring is detected a message is sent to the 2nd arduino which opens a relay that starts flashing an industrial emergency light in the machines room! :)

The code for the system is available at GITHub

As of 2019-12-10, the grey RJ11 cable is plugged into the “PHONE1” socket of the lab VoIP adapter and the pink RJ11 cable is plugged into the patch-panel socket labeled “Analog phone To VOIP adapter” which terminates in a DECT telephone base station near the entrance of PTL.

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