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CNC training this weekend


I will do a CNC training this weekend. We will review the theory and learn how to use some tools: Cambam, Mach 3 and CAMotics. After some discussions, I will limit the number of student to 6 on a first-come, first-served basis in order to be more efficient.

You can register on Saturday and/or Sunday slot. The first slot to reach 6 people will be booked. If we don't reach 6 people, I will do the training Sunday 2PM.

[CNC_Training_this_weekend_(Week 50 2016)]
NomSaturday 2PMSunday 2PM
Michael Lew2016-12-13 22:24:422016-12-13 22:24:42
Pliski2016-12-14 02:17:542016-12-14 02:17:54
juliojulio2016-12-14 12:24:172016-12-14 12:24:17
Erik Rossen2016-12-16 19:18:542016-12-16 19:18:54
Jo2016-12-17 11:34:212016-12-17 11:34:21
Nathan Boyles2017-02-13 23:31:062017-02-13 23:31:06
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