Hacking a VESA arm for a Vision Engineering Lynx

After recovering two of those beast that are the Vision Engineering Lynx, I gave one to the lab but wanted to have a proper arm to move them around and save a bit of space on the benches, since the ones I got are taking quite a lot room and have to be screwed in the bench.

After looking a bit for different solutions, one that looked the cheapest and most reliable for something of that weight was using a computer screen arm. Two day after ordering the Invision MX450, a bit of screwing around to find a ~good enough~ solution to fix the device to the arm, and a lot of back and forth disassembling and reassembling to avoid too much roll on the interface, here we go!

We used the screw hole for the vertical axis adjustment and two washers that we had to modify to have a clean interface between the Lynx mount and the VESA plate.

A few pictures of the interface to mount everything together:

Pictures of the LED module:

Pictures of the fiber module:

Thomas, 2021/12/17 18:45

Piece of art! Seriously, it's really convinient to use those beast, and looks even better with the vesa stative. Great work

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