HDMI switch control via HomeAssistant/ESPHome


Sometimes being lazy makes you do quite a bit of work.

Today I had enough of getting up to press the button of the HDMI switch that we are using to change the sources used for the sound system in the lab's kitchen (someone likes to use the ChromeCast, somehow). Sure there is a remote, but it usually stays, well, on top of the switch.

Someone installed a HomeAssistant instance recently, and we are starting to use it more and more for different things, from controlling the ventilation system of both the metal and wood workshop, watching CO2, temperature and humidity, to getting the next bus timetable (and (hopefully) soon the new LED lights).

So it was time to hack this HDMI switch so I can control it from the sofa, as it should be.


Link to the project, with more technical information: hdmi_switch_homeassistant

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