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Lift Workshop "Come with an idea, realise a prototype"


The Lift conference gives the possibility to attend conferences about new ideas and tendencies in technology. In addition to these conferences often intellectual and theoretic, this workshop offers an opportunity to “make” and “create” things oneself.

We will give a slide show about the principle of Open Hardware followed by the explication of the components available for the workshop. A heap of electronics and mechanical parts are provided from which the participants can chose to realise their ideas or just to tinker.

On the electronics side the workshop will be equipped with easy to program micro-controller boards called Arduinos and with lots of peripherals like LEDs, sensors or motors. To simplify the construction of mechanical pieces and structures there will be some polymorph plastic available. A plastic that melts at 60°C and is very easy to shape.

After the slide show it's up to the participants to think of an application they want to develop and realise. If there are more people with the same idea it's possible to create groups.

After having found an idea we invite the participants to start working and realising their project. During this phase, two to three people from Post Tenebras Lab coach the participants and make sure that they don't get lost in technical details.

When a project is finished we ask it’s creator to explain it: his idea, the materiel he used, his impressions, the difficulties and the things he learned. His explication will be recorded with a camera and published on a video blog created for this workshop. With this video blog we have a documentation in almost real time of the things that happen. People who have not yet participated can get inspiration for their own projects.




There is no inscription needed for this workshop. People can join in all the time.

Date and location:

February 3-4, 2011 at the Lift Conference

Timetable of the workshop:

Thursday Friday
08:30-09:00 Slideshow Slideshow
09:15-12:00 Idea Finding Idea Finding
09:15-12:00 Realisation Realisation
13:30-14:00 Slideshow
14:00-14:15 Idea Finding
14:15-17:00 Realisation

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