Tshirt order (Nepal)

Tshirt have arrived ! Thanks Charlie

Charlie found a shop in Nepal during his trip there. They do embroidery of Tshirt with Logo. Tshirt with the PTL logo can be ordered.

See the mail-list archive for more information. The main point from Charlie email:

  • Expected cost per T-shirt to be slightly above 6 CHF
  • Tshirt will be ordered and shipped back Nepal
  • Shirt color and embroidery color can be chosen
  • Exact logo size… to be defined (anyone want to make a mock-up ?)

For missing information… I believe Charlie can just take the decision.

Available logos

Logo ID Name Thumbnail
1 Green No text
2 Red No text
3 Grey scale No text
4 Green text
5 Red text
6 Grey scale text


Feel the table bellow. For multiple Tshirt just add multiple lines. I filled the table with the request from the mailing list as a starting point.

Please complete / adapt:

Name Size shirt colors embroidery colors Other Logo ID/Name
Alexandre R. 44 red Grey/black
Alexandre R. 44 Black White
Achraf 44 Black Red Text and logo in red embroidery 5/grey scale text
Achraf 44 Black Red If small text will be readable then in white, otherwise no text is fine. 2/All Red
Achraf 44 White Green Tennis/Polo shirt maybe? similar to 1/All Green
Sasha L black
Vincent L black
Vincent L black
Paul 44 dark blue White/Green solid color no grayscale 4
Paul 44 light grey Green solid color no grayscale 1
Paul 44 black White/Red solid color no grayscale 5
Magnus 44 black white solid color no grayscale 6
Magnus 44 black white solid color no grayscale 3
Urs 42 black White/Red grayscale white → light gray 5
Urs 42 blue Black/Green grayscale 4
Urs 42 red Grayscale grayscale 6
David L. L black
Axel 40 dark green black/grey 6/Grey scale text
Lloyd M dark green White
Michael 50* white black/green 4/Green text
Michael 50* red black/grey 6/Grey scale text
Charles W. 42 dark green black/grey Tennis/Polo shirt maybe? 4/Green text
Charles W. 42 dark green black/grey Tennis/Polo shirt maybe? 6/Grey scale text
David 42 Dark blue Light blue Tennis/Polo shirt maybe? 3
Sebastien 40 blue sky black/grey Tshirt 6/Grey scale text
Sebastien 40 light grey black/grey Tshirt 6/Grey scale text
Sebastien 40 black white/light grey Tshirt (logo white to grey) 1/Green No text


Here is the information from Charlie

38 = S
40 = M
42 = L
44 = XL
46 = XXL
48 = XXXL
50 = XXXXL
I think that the number corresponds to: Twice the width of a flat shirt at the bottom… when measured in inches. So measure your favorite existing shirt when flat, double it, round up to nearest even number, and use this instead of a letter.
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