Leman Make meeting of 18.03.2015,

Red Room, Local Post Tenebras Lab, 20:00 – 22:30

  • Michael Jaussi (Président)
  • Alexandre Galletet (Trésorier)
  • Achraf El Kashef (comité)
  • Sebastien Chassot (comité)
  • Boris
  • Pierre-Igor
  • Michael L.
  • Erik
  • Claudio
  • Julio
  • Magnus

A 2 days festival for makers in romandie. Aimed towards people who like to build things and DIY enthusiasts

The weekend of 27 and 28 June at the « Salle communale de Nyon » right next to the train station.

PTL will animate a stand in the festival and will also organize a workshop. We will also volunteer in organizational tasks, such as preparing the venue, ticketing etc,

We need up to 8 PTL members present at all times during the festival, 3-4 to animate the stands (2 inside, 1-2 outside) and 3-4 to help with the workshop (the workshop might be only Saturday or Sunday). A doodle has been created below in order for people to announce their availability. We also needs 2-3 people for preparing the stands on Friday, and maybe 1-2 on Monday morning for the last cleanup.

<doodle |[LemanMake_Volun]>

Pre-festival Friday 26 morning Pre-festival Friday 26 evening Saturday 27 morning Saturday 27 afternoon Saturday 27 evening Sunday 28 morning Sunday 28 afternoon Sunday 28 evening Post-festival Monday 29 morning


We agreed that PTL members present on site will be wearing a uniform T-shirt with PTL’s logo. A design will be made and voted for Has been voted for. 52 t-shirts of different sizes will be printed. The t-shirts will be offered by PTL to participant members, the rest are to be sold as merchandise (after Léman Make).

We need people for the following tasks : <doodle |[LemanMake_Tasks]>

Drone Crashing ROV Sinking Booth Babe Workshop Helper Leman Make Helper


Leman Make is also looking for volunteers : You can volunteers one day for PTL and one day for Leman Make if you like. This will give you one free T-shirt from PTL and another one from Leman Make!

Currently, the following tasks are needed for the PTL stand:

  • Prepare the stand (a day or two before the festival)
  • Animate the stand (talk to people, answer questions and distribute flyers)
  • Give workshop(s)
  • Transport the materials before and after the festival (car needed)
  • Prepare the brochures/flyers/posters. Sébastien mentioned that he have access to a poster printer.

PTL will do a workshop on the theme of “soldering”. As per our discussion, the following criteria have been decided:

  • Workshop shall be open to everyone
  • Stay within a budget of CHF20 or less
  • Allow participants to take home something cool they built themselves

A decision on what workshop has to be taken before 31.03.2015, this wiki page contains all the projects ideas, and one will be selected and voted for.

On our next meeting, we will discuss the needed materials/ordering/fabrication and all other preparation needed for the workshop.

A list of projects that will be displayed can be listed on this wiki page. Here is a list of projects that have been discussed:

  • Talking doll (Boris and Pierre-Igor will handle this)
  • Screen to show videos (a screen is better than a projector for brightness reasons)
    • Show videos of projects in the lab
    • CNC at work
    • 3D printer at work
    • ROV videos
    • Drone races
  • Drone (Vincent should be able to handle this)
  • ROV, if we manage to get an inflatable pool to put in the garden.
  • Gamification of electro-shock (PTL Fight Club and Tribute to John Nash)
  • Google cardboard, we will try to demonstrate several VR google card boards and maybe distribute some as PTL marketing (or sell them for a small price), however we need the laser cutter for that ;)
  • Arcade machines: Achraf’s arcade machine, David’s arcade machine under construction and if anyone is willing to move the NeoGeo we can also bring it.
  • Clocks: Achraf’s electro-mechanical 7 segment clock (under construction) and Magnus’s round LED clock (under construction)
  • Electronic music? Laser harp? Theremin? Propositions by Michael Lew

The following questions remain to be have been answered:

  1. What surface is the stand? Up to 10m2
  2. What are the opening hours? 10am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday
  3. Do we have enough power/electricity? 230V 10A. If more is needed we have to request it.
  4. What is the internet bandwidth? No info yet.. might be known only at the last minutes. FixMe should provide Wifi.
  5. What day/when do we get access to the salle/stand? From Friday morning, until Sunday midnight.
  6. Do we have to bring our own furniture? no
  7. Can we use the garden? yes
  8. Can we have a stand inside and a smaller one outside? yes

Here is a list of tasks and their owners:

Task number Task Name Task owner Due date Status
1 Get answers for questions in point 4 Michael Jaussi done done
2 Handle brochures and posters Sébastien Chassot and Benno 31.05.2015 Benno working on design
3 Handle t-shirt printing Achraf El Kashef 31.05.2015 Done
4 Prepare the talking doll Boris/Pierre-Igor 31.05.2015 Cancelled (not enough time)
5 Prepare non crashing drones Vincent Gessler 25.06.2015 On track
6 Propose ideas for workshop Everyone Done 31.03.2015 done
7 Take decision for workshop and order needed parts Michael Jaussi and others 1st week of AprilDone
8 PTL Fight Club and Tribute to John Nash Erik Rossen 27.05.2015 Working on it
9 Fix the laser cutter or cut the cardboard by hand. Michael Jaussi 01.05.2015 Status ?
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