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Léman Make - Projects to present

This is a list of the projects we will present during the Léman Make festival and their status.

Please feel free to add/modify ideas below

Name Details Status Comments Owner
Talking doll Not possibleNeed to check if it can be broughtBoris/Pierre-Igor
Video screen A screen to show videos of PTL's machine/projects at work Need owner
Drone Show a/several drone in flight In progressVincent need to make sure it won't kill anyoneVincent
ROV Show the ROV and let people control it with a screen feed Pool confirmedAlex and Erik will handle setting up the poolAchraf/Erik/Alex
PTL Fight Club Stand demonstrating integration of OpenArena with electroshock devices In progress There will be cupcakes and grief counseling Erik
Google cardboard Show people some VR using the card board In progress Need to fix the laser cutter, or cut the cardboard by handCharlie,Alex,Vincent
Arcade machine(s) People can play ConfirmedMichael will transport Achraf's arcadeAchraf
Clocks Show cool clocks Projects not done yet7 segment electro-mechanical and LED clockAchraf/Magnus
Solar StirlingmotorstirlingIn progressdownload from the labSebastien
Cyclone Show cyclone at work Design of shields in progressPrint the shileds for PTL-ino using the cycloneMagnus/Michael
3D printer Show the µDelta ConfirmedAlso show several 3D printed objectsCharlie
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