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Workshop ideas

This page is used to list all ideas we have for the Léman Make workshop(s)

A decision has to be taken by 31.03.2015 06.04.2015 (extended).

As a reminder, here are the criteria we defined:

  1. Workshop shall be open to everyone
  2. Stay within a budget of CHF20 or less
  3. Allow participants to take home something cool they built themselves

At the comite meeting (April 7) we decided to go with the PTL-ino idea.

Project page: https://www.posttenebraslab.ch/wiki/projects/electronics/ptl-ino

Sonic arduino robot

A very simple arduino robot that avoids obstacles, arduino code would be already flashed on the controllers in order to only focus on the building/soldering part.

Similar to the robot built here


Why this project?

  • Simple to make
  • Within budget
  • It moves!

Part list and cost

Item Comment Price URL
Chassis, wheels and motors kit Cheaply available from China 10.85$ Ali Express
Arduino Uno Could be replaced by the cheaper Nano or Pro-mini 3.15$ Ali Express
Sonic sensor HC-SR04 1.50$ Ali Express
Motor shield L293 2.99$ Ali Express
Total 15.34$

The actual price will be more like 16 or 17 CHF, after we include the price for batteries, wires and solder.

Minty Boost

The idea is to design (or simply buy) a kit like this one

Part list and cost

Item Comment Price URL
Minty Boost kit Available from Adafruit 19.50$ AdaFruit
Total 19.50$


PTL-ino (“petilino”) is a mostly *uino-compatbile board that is fully made of easily solderable through-hole components.

Part list and cost

Item Comment Price URL
PCB I've just send an alpha version for production 24.30$ for 3 copies OSH Park
Components Mostly easily available, so far the cheapest here <10$ (estimate) http://www.reichelt.de
Total <$20/board

FM (bug) transmitter

This was one of my first projects (done at the local HAM club). It is really nice, but sb. should check the legal aspects for non-HAMs in CH. There is plenty of circuit diagrams around the interwebs:

We could even make PCBs ourselves on the Cyclone

Item Comment Price URL
PCB Could be anything <1$
Components We should have most of them/could salvage them <5$
Total <$6

Other project ideas

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