This page is used to list all ideas we have for the Léman Make workshop(s)

A decision has to be taken by 31.03.2015 06.04.2015 (extended).

As a reminder, here are the criteria we defined:

  1. Workshop shall be open to everyone
  2. Stay within a budget of CHF20 or less
  3. Allow participants to take home something cool they built themselves

At the comite meeting (April 7) we decided to go with the PTL-ino idea.

Project page:

A very simple arduino robot that avoids obstacles, arduino code would be already flashed on the controllers in order to only focus on the building/soldering part.

Similar to the robot built here


Why this project?

  • Simple to make
  • Within budget
  • It moves!

Part list and cost

Item Comment Price URL
Chassis, wheels and motors kit Cheaply available from China 10.85$ Ali Express
Arduino Uno Could be replaced by the cheaper Nano or Pro-mini 3.15$ Ali Express
Sonic sensor HC-SR04 1.50$ Ali Express
Motor shield L293 2.99$ Ali Express
Total 15.34$

The actual price will be more like 16 or 17 CHF, after we include the price for batteries, wires and solder.

The idea is to design (or simply buy) a kit like this one

Part list and cost

Item Comment Price URL
Minty Boost kit Available from Adafruit 19.50$ AdaFruit
Total 19.50$

PTL-ino (“petilino”) is a mostly *uino-compatbile board that is fully made of easily solderable through-hole components.

Part list and cost

Item Comment Price URL
PCB I've just send an alpha version for production 24.30$ for 3 copies OSH Park
Components Mostly easily available, so far the cheapest here <10$ (estimate)
Total <$20/board

This was one of my first projects (done at the local HAM club). It is really nice, but sb. should check the legal aspects for non-HAMs in CH. There is plenty of circuit diagrams around the interwebs:

We could even make PCBs ourselves on the Cyclone

Item Comment Price URL
PCB Could be anything <1$
Components We should have most of them/could salvage them <5$
Total <$6
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