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Talk: Introduction to ESP8266

This is a quick talk to share what I recently learned about the ESP8266 microcontrellers.

Topics covered

  • What is ESP8266?
  • Different models and versions of ESP8266
  • ESP8266 vs. Arduino
  • Capabilities (OTA, SSL, WEP/WPA/WPA2, modes etc)
  • Firmwares
  • Introduction to Blynk (controling devices from Mobile)


Please choose the date that suits you best. The day with the highest number of subscriptions will be chosen (1 day only for now).

enable |Introduction to ESP8266
NomSat 16 Jul 19hTue 19 Jul after dinnerSat 23 Jul 19hSun 24 Jul 12h(Organizing PTL day)


  • Basic understanding of programming and micro-controllers
  • Using an arduio, an IDE and flashing a firmware
  • Googling
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