Journée rangement

A “Journée rangement” is scheduled on Saturday the 10th of December 2016 before the xmas dinner.

Here is a list of tasks that needs to be done, please feel free to add more if you like :)

[✓ charafantah, 2016-12-11]Easy->Unmount reprap printers + recycle usable parts

Easy->Review/organize/label the metal shelves in the main space next to the measuring station.

Easy->Clean under the cooker in the kitchen and behind the dishwasher

[✓ charafantah, 2016-12-11]Easy->Review books + donate older stuff to a library

[✓ rossen, 2016-12-10]Easy->Check the cleaning products we have, buy more if needed

Easy->Label the laptops with what software is installed on them + what specs they have

Easy->Label and organize the wooden shelves behind the electronics stations

[✓ sinux, 2016-12-10]Easy->Hang the fire blankets and fire extinguishers on the walls

[✓ sinux, 2016-12-10]Easy->Control that the fire alarms are working and have batteries

[✓ rossen, 2016-12-10]Easy->Check the expiry dates on all food items in the kitchen

Medium->Review all unlabeled project boxes in the red room + email owners if possible

Medium->Organize the space under the 3D printers (maybe shall wait for 100kg of 3mm PLA ordered)

Medium->Organize the metal/aluminum pieces at the entrance + find a place to store them

Medium->Organize and sort the cables in the plastic boxes.

Medium->Organize and put to work the measuring station (the desk next to the electronics)

Medium->Install better speakers in the kitchen area

[✓ sinux, 2016-12-10]Medium->Fix the broken tool to compress beer cans for recycling

Medium->Do proper cabling in the ceiling at the entrance.

[✓ sinux, 2016-12-08]Medium->Control the microscope, check what works and what doesn't, document on the wiki fixed by Julio (change plug and fix diaphragm)

Medium->Check the android smartphones and make sure they are charged and working

[✓ charafantah, 2016-12-11]Medium->Add lighting in the toilets

Difficult→Review the inventory (1) in the "Usine" using this link

Difficult->Organize, label, recycle items on the table at the entrance.

Difficult->Label small electronics items in the plastic drawer + put them in inventory (1)

  1. Install the android app from the play store or the APK here
  2. Take a photo or select an existing photo
  3. Click “Upload photo”
  4. Type the basic item details, name, category, location, tags, comments and owner (you can edit the rest from the web interface)
  5. Click “Add to PTDB”
  6. Next item :)
  7. From the web interface, you can find all the items that were added through the app, use the tag "Android"
  8. You can add/edit categories from here
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