Fuzzing Workshop 06.2023

DateJeudi 22 juin de 18h a 22h-23h (~4h + pizza)
LieuPost Tenebras Lab
Participant(s)Voir en dessous - Limité à ~10, inscrivez-vous vite !

The workshop is planned to be in English, unless 100% of the attendees speak French.

Bring your laptop (we have a limited number of laptops if needed, but then ask and install the following:

- Install radamsa →

- Install AFL++ (with make distrib)→

This workshop focuses on fuzz testing, a technique for finding software bugs. Attendees will learn the fundamentals, including mutation, code coverage, and instrumentation. They will write their own fuzzers, target open source and black box software, and use popular tools like AFL and libFuzzer. By the end, attendees will have practical experience and a good understanding of fuzz testing.

Fuzzing 06.2023
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