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Solar BBQ

The idea of this event is to organize a solar barbecue one day this summer (hopefully there will be a summer this year).


1. Organization
- making a list and finding or making plans of the ovens/furnaces/deathrays to be built
- organizing the necessary material
- building one group per oven

2. Building
- Meet one or two days to build the ovens

3. The BBQ
- Make a solar BBQ-Party on one week-end
- Make this event open for everyone, not only the people that built the ovens

1. Organization

Description Team Members
Oven 1 no description yet Falko
Oven 2 fresnel-lens grill Erik
Oven 3 no description yet

2. Building

3. The BBQ

4. The ovens

Here are some of the design ideas:

Oven 1

Oven 2 - The fresnel-lens grill

The simplest box-shaped solar ovens allow one to cook to near-boiling temperatures, but they do not permit a nice grilled texture, typical of a BBQ. This oven based on a fresnel lens is meant for “high-speed” cooking and grilling.

The photos and video below show a preliminary test of grilling a merguez sausage for 5 minutes on a black cast-iron frying pan using a 1-metre diameter acrylic fresnel lens. The result is not very different from frying over an electric range.

The main challenge will be to build a practical frame for holding the lens and the cooking stage.

solarbbq-merguez-and-fresnel-lens-before.jpg solarbbq-merguez-after.jpg

Oven 3

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