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We frequently meet for meetings/workshops/supper in Geneva.

Check this page and the mailing list for an idea of when we will have the next meeting.

Bring toys and tools.

Upcoming events

Below is a list of our planned events and meetings.

Click on the event that interests you to get more information or to add your comments.

Event/Meeting When Where
Coder Night October 12, 2012 (Friday) 19h00 Avenue de la Praille 36, Carouge
Geekerie de Swisslinux October 21, 2012 (Sunday) 11h00 Avenue de la Praille 36, Carouge
Weekly Meeting Every Tuesday, 19h00 Avenue de la Praille 36, Carouge
Committee Meeting Every first tuesday of each month, 20h00 Avenue de la Praille 36, Carouge


There is the possibility to subscribe to the events calendar in the formats and .
You can also visualize the calendar in in a new window.

Past events

Here you find a compilation of some of the most interesting events and projects including videos and photos.

And here's a list of all our events in the past.

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