Information from the manufacturer: http://printrbot.com/project/simple-metal/

Hardware upgrades

The printer has been upgraded to use a 4-threads 8mm ball screw for the Z-axis instead of a simple thread 8mm one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfbgSrN791M

Also a hot bed has been installed.

Software :

Work In Progress
Please report any problems encountered

Using Klipper
Description :

The Simple Metal has been updated with a new firmware, Klipper Klipper Features
It consists of two parts, the Klipper program on a computer (e.g. Raspberry PI) and the Klipper firmware on the printer's microcontroller (which will usually replace Marlin).
The whole point is to delegate to the computer all the calculations of displacements/speeds/accelerations and to gain in efficiency (by leaving to the microcontroller only the essential to do, to take care of the motors).
Its control is done via Fluidd (https://docs.fluidd.xyz/installation/fluiddpi|infos], a web interface similar to Octoprint but dedicated to Klipper.


Computer next to the printers The Dell laptop to the right of the rack is pre-configured with the latest version of Cura (4.12.1 at the time of writing), a cura plug-in to send .stl files directly to Klipper and a web shortcut for Fluidd.
Cura and the shortcut for Fluidd are located on the desktop.

Thank you for not changing this pre-configuration. If you have any questions please ask :)

From your own machine Install the latest version of Cura, when adding a new printer, add Printrbot → Simple Metal Extended. In the printer settings (Settings → Printer → Manage printers… → Machine Settings) put these dimensions:
X(Width) = 150.0 Y(Depth) = 150.0 Z(Height) = 235.0

To send the file to Klipper, save the gcode locally and drag'n'drop it into the file area at the bottom right of the Klipper interface:

To control the printer:
You have to go through Fluidd, from its interface you can make your X, Y & Z homes. The calibration of the Z is done automatically and should not go wrong. If there is a problem, please notify us on the general telegram channel.

To prepare for printing:
Simply open Cura, check that the “Printrbot Simple Metal Extended” printer is selected and set up your project normally. Once you have defined your parameters and sliced your model, click on “Upload to Printrbot…”, validate the window that opens (change the name of the file if necessary), you can return to Fluidd and launch your printing. [Insert image of the button to be pressed].
Enjoy! :)

Technical :

Todo :
- Correct the PID of the bed heating Done !
- Explain the calibration of the bed
- IRL training ?

For adjusting bed screws, write g28 in klipper console and write “screws_tilt_calculate” and read the instructions prompted

/!\ CW = Turne counter-clockwise / CCW = Turne clockwise (I guess it's because it's for under screws seen from above like some creality printers)

Update :
The air guide for the fan was changed because it was breaking down. It has been replaced by this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:356001 If it doesn't work well don't hesitate to change it. 20220525_233538.jpg

Update 2 (25.20.23) :
Following an issue with the probe (Klipper was no longer receiving its status), a series of tests were performed. During these tests, the +12 and GND pins of the Z-STOP connector on the motherboard were short-circuited, which resulted in the destruction of capacitor Q4 (MMUN2211LT3GOSTR-ND). Since there was no equivalent available, it was replaced with an NPN transistor along with 2 resistors of 10kΩ. The trace between +12V and the jumper (which allows selecting the probe voltage between +5V and +12V) melted during the short-circuit. We “bypassed” the trace with a wire connecting the +12V of the bed to the +12V of the jumper, and it appears to be working. We still need to determine if the initial probe issue is resolved…

You can use either:
Repetier http://www.repetier.com/download/
Cura http://software.ultimaker.com/ With Cura you can download a ready made configuration file here

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