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 ==== CNC ==== ==== CNC ====
-The first CNC in the lab will be the X2 from [[http://​www.badog.ch/​cnc-machine/​swiss-made/​badog-x2-milling-routers-engraver.html|Badog.ch]]+=== Search for a new CNC ===
-For a quick guide to the basics of CNC, Eric found this link: [[http://​lcamtuf.coredump.cx/gcnc/]]+The current Badog CNC might not stay much longer in the lab. We are looking at what are the current option for a CNC. We're currently thinking of a budget of 3000CHF maximum, which is to be duscussed.
-For a guide to CNC bits, Paul found this link: [[http://​100kgarages.com/​blog/​2013/​04/​cnc-router-bits-demystified]]+[[fabrication:cnc:​search_cnc_2015:​start|Search for CNC]]
-A great place to find cool techniques and tips is [[http://​www.cnczone.com]]+=== Badog CNC === 
 +First CNC we got in the lab. 
 +[[fabrication:cnc:​badog:​start|Badog CNC]] 
 +[[fabrication:​cnc:​badog:​arrival|Badog Arrival gallery]] 
 +[[fabrication:​cnc:​badog:​documentation:​start|Badog documentation and notes]]
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