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-==== CNC ====+====== CNC ====== 
 +~~NOCACHE~~ ​
-The first CNC in the lab will be the X2 from [[http://​www.badog.ch/​cnc-machine/​swiss-made/​badog-x2-milling-routers-engraver.html|Badog.ch]]+===== CNC 6090 from CNC-shop.ch =====
-For a quick guide to the basics of CNC, Eric found this link[[http://​lcamtuf.coredump.cx/​gcnc/​]]+<nspages -h1 -exclude:start>
 +New CNC that we decided to buy at the General Assembly of 2016.
 +The model is a CNC [[http://​www.cnc-shop.ch/​cnc6090.html|6090]] with the following add-on:
 +  - 2.2kW watercooled spindle with ER20 clamps and speed control from G-code
 +  - Ethernet control (with MACH3 or MACH4)
 +  - sensor to zero the tools
 +  - coolant pumps to cut aluminium easily
-<nspages -h1 -exclude ​  >+{{:​fabrication:​cnc:​img_20160707_211455.jpg?​200|}} {{:​fabrication:​cnc:​img_20160707_233043.jpg?​200|}} 
 +===== Badog CNC ===== 
 +First CNC we got in the lab. It is now in Pangloss Lab. 
 +[[fabrication:​cnc:​badog:​start|Badog CNC]] 
 +[[fabrication:​cnc:​badog:​arrival|Badog Arrival gallery]] 
 +[[fabrication:​cnc:​badog:​documentation:​start|Badog documentation and notes]]
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