Laser Cutter

Here, we are documenting our experiences with the 100W laser cutter, Model SL-1080 from ChinaCNCzone



Note: multi-pass seems to be broken (at least on our machine) and will crash the Z-probe onto your piece!

Deepnest is an open source nesting application, for laser cutters, and other CNC machines

Deepnest packs your parts into a compact area to save material and time. It automatically merges common lines so the laser doesn't cut the same path twice.

MaterialTypeSpeed (mm/s)Max power (%)Min power (%)ResultComment
Tupperware (slight engraving)Fill2201412 OK See colorful tupperware in kitchen, hopfully they will stil lbe there
Tupperware (slight engraving)Line300129 NOK Holes in corners
2024/01/07 08:48 · mborges

Curent calibration:

  • Tube extension: 50mm
  • Distance between probe and piece: 3.9mm
  • Distance between laser head and piece: 8.6mm

TODO: 3D printed piece for calibration

Calibrate probe distance: The laser head and the probe should be at the same height when the probe is enabled. For this you can put the laser head as close as possible to a flat surface (a piece of wood for example), and with the probe loose, push it until it gets enabled then screw it in place at that height.

Calibrate laser head distance: Make sure the probe is properly calibrated to some known flat surface (you will need the height later). Get a piece of wood, put something under it on one side to create a slope, set the laser to 10% power and 60mm/s speed, move the laser to a few millimeters from the high side of the slope, then move the laser towards the bottom part of the wood while pressing the pulse button (start moving first to make sure you're not burning everything). This will engrave a line in the wood. Measure the distance from the bed to the surface used for calibrating.
This value has to be set in LigthBurn → Edit → Machine Settings → Focus Distance.

Model SL-1080 from ChinaCNCzone on Aliexpress (Wayback machine)




Inkscape propose 2 versions du format DXF. Il faut choisir la version R14 pour ensuite importer le fichier dans LightBurn.

Tue, Dec 27 2022 20:59 mic_ptl: Le pré filtre et le filtre du laser ont été changé

Here, we are documenting our experiences with the low cost 40W Laser Cutter we have.

We have completely upgraded it; with a new controller (Udoo+RAMPS-FD), one more axes (Z), a water cooling system, a new lens, and a custom fireware,…

the upgrade laser cutter project...

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