Enregistrement audio / video au Hackerspace

Le but est de pouvoir enregistrer certain événements / talk qui se déroule au Hackerspace.

Certaines video sont déjà disponible sur la chaîne youtube du PTL

Liste du matériel:

  • Webcam USB
  • Table de mixage USB pour 1 micro XLR (BEHRINGER Xenyx 302USB)
  • Micro Behringer XM8500
    • Cable XLR de 6m
  • Appareil photo Canon PowerShot G?

Note: L'appareil photo ne peut à priori pas être utilisé pour les prise vidéos

SVG template done by Sinux for the Coder Night (thx!). Uses the imagine font (which I find a bit hard to read - not a big fan).




You can find a more complete list a video editor here:


Open-source simple video editor

Those two editor should be enough for simple editing. I used Openshot for the Open Hardware Initiative at CERN videos and it worked quite well.

For taking care of the audio it might be better to use a separate audio editor as openshot and pitivi are quite limited.

Professional video editor

  • Lightworks
    • This is a professional video editor which is available (for free) for Linux / Windows / Mac
    • Plans to release as open-source (no source code released as of end of 2013)

Did not yet try Lightworks yet. Probably require some time to be able to use it properly.


  • Audacity
    • The popular open-source audio editor
    • Can be used to edit video audio tracks (you can import audio from a video directly thanks to the ffmpeg support)
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