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PTL new members FAQ

A guide to help answering some of the most recurring questions.

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General questions about PTL

What are the rules of PTL?

The rules of PTL are governed by the internal regulation that can be found here: https://www.posttenebraslab.ch/wiki/association/internal_regulation

What are the communication channels in PTL?

Who to ask if I have questions?

Ask on the mailing list, send an email to the committee or if you prefer face to face conversations, ask another PTL member.

How to add/edit pages on the wiki?

Our wiki is based on DokuWiki You need to create a user and send an email to the committee to give you editing rights.

What are the events in PTL?

You can find events from the wiki page: https://www.posttenebraslab.ch/wiki/events/start By subscribing to the PTL calender: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=078t9364ligd7ih4u9uv5jb3s0@group.calendar.google.com&ctz=Europe/Paris By checking the Facebook page By following the announcements on the mailing list and the blog

How to see committee meetings memos?

The minutes of meetings are only available to members, you can check it on the wiki here: https://www.posttenebraslab.ch/wiki/private/pv

Can I donate X item to PTL?

If you want to donate cold hard cash, the answer is always yes. However if you want to donate other objects that will occupy physical space in the lab, please consult with the committee first.

You can find the logo in different formats on the wiki: https://www.posttenebraslab.ch/wiki/association/logo


How can I access the lab?

PTL is open every Tuesday night for the weekly meeting. The lab can be opened by active members 24/7, you can check the opening times announced on the mailing list or on Telegram. If you want to come at a certain time, you can always ask if someone can be present to open the lab for you on the mailing list or on Telegram.

To access the building you need to call the phone number and someone will come up to open the door for you.

How to tell if the lab is open?

You can check the status of the PTL logo on the website, a green logo means the lab is open. No colors means closed. You can check the status using the android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.fixme.status&hl=en You can ask the Telegram bot: @ptl_bot You can call the phone number: 022 566 01 87

What to do if I’m an “active” member?

As an active member you have the keys to PTL and you have the right to come to the lab at any time or day you want. Please note the following:

  • Announce the presence using the PTL control panel https://www.posttenebraslab.ch/status
  • Ideally announce the opening hours on the mailing list and/or the Telegram group
  • Do not work on dangerous stuff while you are alone in the lab
  • Announce visitors (non-members)

Shall I answer the phone in PTL?

Yes! Please do, if you are at the lab please feel free to answer the phone. Most of the time it’s someone upstairs that needs to have the door opened for them. If you are at the machines room “Usine”, a flashing light will turn on when the phone rings.

How to buy drinks?

We use a payment system called DrinkingBuddy, using your PTL RFID tag you can pay for meals, drinks and soon other items in PTL. The system helps us keep track of our beverages inventory and restock it when needed. You can read more on the project’s page here: https://www.posttenebraslab.ch/wiki/projects/ptl_payment_system

How can I get an RFID card?

Ask Michael or Achraf to make one for you. You have the choice between a card type or a keychain type tags. The RFID card also allows you to open the door (only for active members)

How to change music?

The music system in PTL is installed on the server “Coltello” and uses MPD Any MPD client will allow you to control the music when you are connected to the local network in PTL. You can find a list of different MPD clients for mobile and desktop here: https://docs.mopidy.com/en/latest/clients/mpd/

How to volunteer for cooking on Tuesdays?

For every meal on Tuesday, usually a discussion happens on the “Org” mailing list. People volunteer and suggest ideas, please join the conversation, new ideas are always welcome ! If not, you can always help chopping vegetables on Tuesday.

Where can I keep my projects?

Please use the lockers to store your personal items and projects. If your project does not fit in the locker, please ask the committee for a permission to store it temporarily.

How to throw trash and recycle?

We have a recycling corner in PTL, next to the toilet. Please recycle metals, PET, glass, batteries, electronics and paper.

In the kitchen please separate normal trash and organic trash. If you find the trash full, please empty it, there’s a trash room in the corridor, ask someone to show you where is it.

Technical questions

How to use the CNC?

If you want to learn how to use the CNC, please ask someone from the committee or send an email on the mailing list, someone will volunteer to show you how. Please do not use the CNC unless you really know what you’re doing.

How to use the 3D printer?

The 3D printing station has 2 printers at the moment, they can print ABS, PLA and flexible filaments. We use Cura to slice and control them. If you have any questions on using them, please ask Adrien, Charlie, Michael or simply use the mailing list.

Do I have to pay for the filaments I use in 3D printing?

No. At least if you’re not printing huge quantities or printing for profit. This however could change in the future. If you feel we’re running out of certain filament types/colors please signal it to one of the committee members.

How to ask for materials?

If you think PTL need a specific tool or materials, or if you think something is running out (e.g. no more screws, resistors or even garbage bags) please ask one of the committee members or send an email to the committee.

How to look for a specific tool?

If you are searching for a specific tool, you can always ask on the mailing list. We have an inventory system, called PTDB, but it is rarely updated. If you are interested, check the project’s page and give a hand to revive it. https://www.posttenebraslab.ch/wiki/local/mat/ptdb

How to print 2D (old fashioned paper printing)?

We have 2 color laser printers at the lab. The easy way to print is to copy a PDF file on the “coltello” share: \\Coltello\print_on_hp Another network HP printer that works well from windows but not on Linux (search for a network printer)

How to print labels/sticker?

We have 2 label printers. Brother-QL-570 (Web interface + API) and another brother printer that can be used without a computer attached. Check the wiki entry: https://www.posttenebraslab.ch/wiki/local/infrastructure/informatique/printing

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