What is PTDB

PTDB is the local inventory system in PTL and is a modified version of ECDB.

Where is PTDB

PTDB can be found using this URL: https://intranet.posttenebraslab.ch/ecdb/ or simply by typing http://inventory/.

Please note that PTDB at http://inventory/ is only accessible through the local network for the moment. No authentication is required for http://inventory/. Authentication is required if you use https://intranet.posttenebraslab.ch/ecdb/

Android App

PTDB has an android app that can be used to do quick entries in the DB by adding a photo, name comment and tags. You can get the APK here: https://intranet.posttenebraslab.ch/ecdb/ecdb.apk

You can also get it straight from the Play Store here (for updates)

How to use PTDB

SME: Is the “Subject Matter Expert” responsible for giving information using a specific tool.

Edit categories: Allows to add/edit categories and sub categories, for now the current listing is a work in progress.

Free use: Tells if you can freely use the item or ask first before using it.

Shopping list: To add items to the shopping list, edit the item and use the order quantity buttons. The shopping list will be checked on committee meetings to reorder missing/needed materials.

Wiki URL: Will be used to publish the documentation and how to use each item.

QR Code: Each item has a QR code with the URL that can be printed on a sticker to put on the actual item for reference.

To Do

  • Finish filling the inventory
  • Maintain the data in inventory (Fill owner, state, quantity, description, Wiki URL etc)
  • Print and stick QR codes
  • Edit/add the correct categories and sub-categories
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