3D scanner

We imagine here a carton box (une boîte en carton) where you can place a 3D object.

The idea is to build a «3D photocopier» that allows to duplicate any plastic object by the touch of a finger.

Status du project
Date de début ?
Status prototype in progress
Initiateur(s) vincent gessler, paul bristow, michael lew

Probably in most cases the captured 3D model will need to be cleaned and retouched by hand before it can be sliced and prepared for standard 3D printing.

The computer vision technique used to recover a 3D model from 2D images of an object could be for example visual hull reconstruction.

Another technique is to illuminate an object with a laser. An implementation is the Atlas 3D :

We have bought all the parts to build it, and you are welcome to help printing its parts with the 3D printer and to assemble it.

  • step 1 : capture a photo from USB webcams - drivers
  • step 2 : combine the 3 pictures to generate a 3D model (computer vision problem)

Liste de fournitures

  • 3 webcams
  • a large cardboard box
  • a computer

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