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-====== Arduino Monome ====== 
-I'm also a musician, with a very 80's style MIDI studio at home 8-).  This is how I came to build my first [[http://​flipmu.noisepages.com/​work/​arduinome/​|arduinome]],​ a fully open source hardware-based musical instrument that works like the [[http://​monome.org|monome]]. ​ It has 64 buttons which light up and a USB interface for connecting it to a computer. ​ That's where the fun starts. ​ It can actually do anything, with the incredible array of open source programs that allow you to link it into your music studio.  ​ 
-{{movie>​http://​www.posttenebraslab.ch/​wiki/​_media/​projects/​monome-small.mp4|Monome bounce video}} 
-You can even play tetris. 
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