Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Spotify remote device

I'm using the spotify daemon from a little while and now I feel that is stable enough to deserve to write down some cookbook notes for future use and to share them.

So in this article we will install a Spotify daemon on a Raspberry Pi, then you will be able to tell your Spotify client from which device you want to listen to your music.

  • A Spotify premium account (I didn't tried with a standard account though).
  • A Raspberry PI connected to internet (for me it's a Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian 9 (stretch)).
  • A Spotify client (Desktop, Web, mobile).
  • Some speakers connected to the Raspberry. (I'm using something like these).

This article shows the steps I made following the readme file of the official Spotify daemon project on Github, you're encouraged to check it for further informations/questions/issues.

You want to pick up the last release for arm here, at the time of writing the last realease is the 0.2.11 and the archive is

So ssh or just open a terminale on your raspi and then:

  $ mkdir spotify
  $ cd spotify
  $ wget
  $ unzip ./
  $ ./spotifyd

And that's all you need.

If all went well you should see now a blue dot on the devices icon. Depending on your client of choice the position and the color could be different.

Mine look like this:

Click on the icon and select Spotifyd

Wait a few seconds…

… any sound?

If yes Congratulations! You made it.

If no … well try to troubleshoot in the next section or go to the advanced configuration.

  • Check all the connections (the speakers for example)
  • Pump up the volume (thanks Erik !) :
  $ alsamixer
  • Sound check:
  $ speaker-test -t wav -c 6

Still no sound? The problem is not caused from spotifyd (hardware maybe?).

With the new releases of Spotifyd comes a lots of configuration options. Here we will give a name at our demon and then autoload it with systemd.

  $ mkdir -p ~/.config/spotifyd
  $ nano ~/.config/spotifyd/spotifyd.conf

Write these lines in the spotifyd config file:

  device_name = awesome_spotify_device

You can put what name you want in place of awesome_spotify_device but spaces are not admitted.

If you have trouble connecting you can try to put your spotify credential in the same file, like:

  device_name = awesome_spotify_device
  username = awesome_ptl_member
  password = not_so_secret_password

Now restart spotifyd.

  $ mkdir -p ~/.config/systemd/user
  $ cd ~/.config/systemd/user
  $ wget
  $ nano ./spotifyd.service

In the [Service] section change the path of the spotifyd executable to match yours. For example:

  ExecStart=/home/pi/spotify/spotifyd --no-daemon

Check if there is a Spotifyd process already running and if is the case kill it.


  $ systemctl --user start spotifyd.service
  $ systemctl --user enable spotifyd.service
  $ systemctl --user status spotifyd.service
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