Atari Joystick USB adaptor

This is a small project that makes use of an STM32F072 Discovery Board (“32F072BDISCOVERY”) for an adaptor of up to 4 joysticks to make them USB HID devices to use with a more recent computer/phone. The software is fully open-source(TODO: -able) and based on libopencm3.

Status du project
Date de début 10/2015
Status Done - documentation tbd
Initiateur Magnus

A first trial was done using a QuickShot II:

A kind of break out board to essentially fit the Discovery Board nicely into the casing was milled on our Cyclone: – this was a bit tricky due to the relative large size of the board and the still missing z-compensation.

A bad picture of a really nice case: Look at this: it's RAL4006!

Some tweaks were necessary to get it running on the small controller. The STM32F072 is “special” in the following respects:

  • It has no bitbanding, for example this does *not* work:


  • It does not allow unaligned memory access
  • Its USB core similar to STM32F103, but has a different mapping of USB registers (architecture allows for 16-bit mapping)

Besides these differences, there are a few more pitfalls to be documented later.

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