The first soldered version proudly wears serial number “3”: This is an improved version of the alpha version

  • 1x PIC 16F1455 (U1)
  • 1x LM7805 (U3)
  • 1x MCP 1702-3302 (U4)
  • 5x 100nF C2, C4, C5, C6, C7)
  • 1x 220nF (C3)
  • 2x 10μF (C1, C8)
  • 1x 10μF tantale (C9)
  • 1x LED couleur à choix (D1)
  • 1x 220Ω (R1)
  • 2x 4.7kΩ (R2, R3)
  • 1x SWITCH (SW1)
  • 1x mini USB female (version trough-hole with 4 through-hole mounting pins) (P8)
  • 1x 2×3 2.54mm male connector (P5)
  • 1x 1×6 2.54mm male connector (P7)
  • 1x 1×6 2.54mm female connector (P2)
  • 2x 1×8 2.54mm female connector (P1, P4)
  • 1x 1×10 2.54mm female connector (P3)
  • 1x 2×14 2.54mm pin IC socket (for U2)
  • 1x 2×7 2.54 pin IC socket (for U1)
  • 1x PCB
  • 1x Cable mini-USB

First batch order of PCB and componant. A number of small changes made from the prototype version.

This version was used for the PTL-ino workshop at LemanMake and at our Lab.

The purpose of this workshop is to train participant to do electronic soldering, and in the end to have a nice electronic prototyping board, which is Arduino compatible, and allows to continue further the learning of electronics.
This board focus only on through-hole soldering, and not surface-mounted soldering, which makes it a really good introduction before trying to solder smaller componant, which are usually more fragile.

Le but de cet atelier est de permettre au participant de se former a la soudure de composant électronique, et au final d'avoir une carte de prototypage rapide compatible Arduino a utiliser pour continuer l'apprentissage de l'électronique.
Cette carte se concentre sur la soudure de composants dit “traversant” (Through-hole en anglais), en opposition aux composants montés en surface (CMS, ou SMD en anglais), ce qui en fait une tres bonne introduction avant de se lancer dans la soudure d'elements beaucoup plus petits et fragile.

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