This is an improved version of the Leman Make version The difference is mainly an SMD PPTC Fuse that can be soldered to better protect the USB power. This fuse is SMD because the THT part is higher than the header, and would prevent shields to be inserted properly.

  • 1x PIC 16F1455 (U1)
  • 1x LM7805 (U3)
  • 1x MCP 1702-3302 (U4)
  • 5x 100nF C2, C4, C5, C6, C7)
  • 1x 220nF (C3)
  • 2x 10μF (C1, C8)
  • 1x 10μF tantale (C9)
  • 1x LED couleur à choix (D1)
  • 1x 220Ω (R1)
  • 2x 4.7kΩ (R2, R3)
  • 1x SWITCH (SW1)
  • 1x mini USB female (version with 2 or 4 through-hole mounting pins) (P8)
  • 1x 2×3 2.54mm male connector (P5)
  • 1x 1×6 2.54mm male connector (P7)
  • 1x 1×6 2.54mm female connector (P2)
  • 2x 1×8 2.54mm female connector (P1, P4)
  • 1x 1×10 2.54mm female connector (P3)
  • 1x 2×14 2.54mm pin IC socket (for U2)
  • 1x 2×7 2.54 pin IC socket (for U1)
  • 1x SMD PPTC Fuse 0.5A (optional, can be by-passed) (F1)
  • 1x PCB
  • 1x Cable mini-USB

All the files are on Github Documentation is here (EN/FR) Dozuki

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