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Building a simple version of Karl-Heinz Kübbeler's "AVR Transistortester". This is a potentially great tool to measure various stuff that can be found lying around… – and there is plenty!


Connect a part (chose from resistors, capacitors, potentiometers, various transistors, LEDs, diodes, coils) to the device in the order of your choice. Press the button and it will tell you what you connected where. This is just great to get pinouts of these semiconductors.

(I am not sure about polarised capacitors… better not connect anything that can explode when wrongly powered for a short time…)


Status du project
Date de début September 2015
Status done (but can be improved)
Initiateur Magnus

To Do

  • Case (needs to be glued at some point)
  • Voltage reference (perhaps not needed)
  • Crystal oscillator (perhaps not needed)
  • Precision resistors (now some 5%-types, but perhaps good enough)
  • PTL-isation of screen messages
  • Translation into French


  • Various stuff that can be found in the various drawers at PTL

Project log


PCB popualted roughly according to the strip grid layout (see SVN) … the firmware is up and running (which took a while until all shorts were removed).



This is the case in LibreCAD: And here on the Badog CNC: Unfortunately, I was not careful enough with the spacing between the bananas: … but this could still be fixed by enlarging the holes…


Time for testing!

  • Capacitor:
  • LED (red):
  • LED (blue):
  • Potentiometer: (I've double checked… this 100k potentiometer, really has a total resistance of around 80k)
  • Transistor:


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