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Filafab Construction

Filament maker - Filafab


Status du project
Date de début 01/07/2013
Status ready to assemble!
Initiateur(s) Paul Bristow


Filafab is a European kickstarter project for making 3D printer filament. See Filafab Kickstarter page for more information.

The machine is primarily designed for those people who have a 3D printer at home (or in the lab!) and need a supply of filament. You can recycle old designs that didn't work out, use scrap plastic you can get your hands on or purchase plastic pellets, colorants, additives and mix up your own master batch.

I will get the deluxe kit shipped over and need to build it. All help is welcome.

Paul Bristow ayant fui à l'étranger pour y fonder un autre hackerspace, il faut mettre à jour cette page…

To Do


  • Get kit delivered - done
  • Make sure we have all the pieces
  • Assemble them
  • Test the Filafab
  • Use it to make lots of filament for our 3D printers


The complete kit is sitting in the Lab.

The assembly guide is here

The user manual is here


Interested in joining this project
Nomparticipation activeparticipation passivesuivre de loins
Paul Bristow2013-07-05 12:08:43  
Alexandre R. 2016-07-21 03:06:28 
Lloyd Dizon2013-09-17 22:29:14  
Michael Jaussi2015-07-03 16:40:47  
daniel 2013-12-20 22:15:59 
Charlie Sellers2014-04-08 18:04:25  
Magnus2015-07-03 16:15:13  
Erik Rossen2015-01-03 22:53:54  
Achraf2016-02-18 00:41:342016-02-18 00:41:34 
Michael Lew2016-05-10 23:55:47  
Alexandre Rosenberg  2016-07-21 03:06:10
Nathan Gilson2016-12-15 17:55:55  

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