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Proxmox test on Dell D630

BIOS setup

In system:

  • (Date / Time) Set correct time
  • Boot sequence: CD - USB - Internal HDD (disable all other)
    • It could also be possible to boot from network if needed

In Onboard devices

  • Enable Serial port, USB, Module Bay device (needed for CD drive) and Integreated NIC,

In video device

  • Primary video: Onbaord Video


  • Password should be disabled
  • Wifi swtich and Wifi catcher: disabled
  • CPU XD enabled
  • TPM Disabled


  • Enable all 3 options

Power mangement

  • Disalbe auto on and USB wake support
  • Wake on LAN/WLAN: LAN only


  • Disable everything (not really important I guess)

Post behaviour

  • Enable Virtulaization !!
  • USB emulation should be enable (for booting from USB)
  • Fast boot: probably want minimal


  • Disable everything !

Proxmox install

Proxmox VE v. 3.1 ( http://www.proxmox.com/ )

  • Installation from burned ISO
  • Laptop connected to wired network

Note: installation from cd drive is quite slow. Using a USB drive would be better

Install process

  • set country
  • set a password (I recommand setting a random password and putting it on the machine)
  • as email used: proxmox@posttenebraslab.ch
  • Netowrk setting
    • IP 192.168.80.xx/24 (I started at 20)
    • Gateway + DNS
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