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Upgrade the Laser Cutter (main)

Upgrade a cheap 40W laser cutter

This project aims to improve a cheap Chinese 40W laser cutter, by making it easier and safer to use.


Status du project
Date de début 01/09/2014
Status work in progress
Initiateur(s) Michael Jaussi
Participant(s) Sebastien (sinux),…


This project aims to upgrade our cheap Chinese laser cutter to something easier and safer to use. To achieve this, the controller board will be replaced with a UDOO board, providing both a quad-core ARM CPU to run Linux, and an Arduino Due to control the motors and laser. The Laser also need a water cooling system that will run in closed circuit with a Zalmann cooling tower and a filtration system for the fumes.

To Do


Bill of materials

Firmware on Udoo

Udoo is installed with an Udoobuntu 12.04 LTS of the day.

First test with bobc's Marlin for Due (Udoo embed an arduino Due uc) firmware compile and upload without any error from the udoo itself. It's a 3d printer firmware but it'd be a good start for a laser cutter too.

Connect to the Due

from udoobuntu run :

screen /dev/ttymxc3 115200


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