Laser Harp

I've always wanted a laser harp, and at our first arduino workshop, I realised that a combination of a small lasercard and an LDR could very quickly be turned into a 1-string laserharp. A little bit of design later, and the 10-string monster here, with programmable buttons and LEDs started to come together. It's one meter long by around 58cm high.

LaserHarp #1 under construction

Here you can see the LaserCards being held in place with blu-tak. They will be aligned later and finally held in place with hot glue.

Here you can see the holes cut for the round wooden buttons and the LEDs

Here you can see the Arduino Mega with midi shield

All the wood is glued together, with 4 long self tapping wood screws (with guide holes to avoid splitting the wood) in the corners for strength. All the wood was glued together using the wonderful plastic squeezy clamps you see in the background. When I started building these things I was very much out of practise with woodworking, but after a year of trying (and burning lots of funny shaped off-cuts in my fireplace) I am getting much better.

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