Octoprint for 3D Printers

Status du project
Date de début 09/03/2018
Status actif
Initiateur(s) Jay, Sinux

Adding an octoprint server for each 3D printer in the lab and setting up a single instance of Cura to be able to slice for each of the printers

  • Done - Complete list of equipment needed (see below)
  • Complete list of software and files needed
  • Flash SD cards
  • Connect Rapberry Pis
  • Setup Octoprint on each (machine profile, individual name, default user)
  • Setup Cura (Machine profiles, filament profiles)

Liste de fournitures

    • Printer setup (dimensions XYZ)
    • Taz
    • Printrbot (155,155,163) ?? Z is not 240 ??
  • Individual names for each raspberry pi (“Use raspi-config to change the host name. Then change the octoprint settings to make the two instances look different”)

User procedure for each print

  • Turn on computer
  • Open Cura
  • Load correct machine (File > Machine settings)
  • Load correct filament profile (File > Open profile)
  • Set layer height (0.1 to 0.3)
  • Set shell thickness (multiple of nozzle diameter)
  • Set top/bottom thickness (multiple of layer height)
  • Set fill density (20% to 60%)
  • Choose support or not
  • Choose Brim, Skirt, Raft
  • Measure the filament diameter and set it
  • Load STL file
  • Position it
  • Check layer by layer
  • Print

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