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Cyclone PCB factory V2

This project aims at equipping PTL with a PCB mill for rapid in-house electronics prototyping. The particular goal is to establish a well-maintained, in-house PCB production workflow. The final goal is to be able to complete simple projects (schematic → tested board) within an evening and have a decent throughput (“a PCB a week”).

The mill to be built is a Cyclone, version 2 (see links below). As of 8/11/2014, version 2 of the Cyclone has not yet been released, but it seems to be in a “PTL-complient-enough” shape to give it a try!

For a list of fabricated PCBs look at here PCB creation!


Status du project
Date de début 08/11/2014
Status work in progress
Initiateur(s) Paul, Michael, Magnus


  • Purchase remaining parts
  • 3D-print parts
  • Assemble machine
  • Test
  • Document built and tweaks

Liste de fournitures

All parts are based on version c0c7732 (Hardware/CYCLONE_2) of the official repository. Not mentioning screws and other small stuff.

3D prints

Sorted by importance.

Description Drawing File (Output_files/) Bounding box (total XxYxZ mm) Comment/Status Picture
Left support Cycl_XleftFrame.stl 154x100x55 printed on Solidoodle (but the bottom is a bit wrapped because of the size being bigger than the printer bed)
Right support Cycl_XrightFrame.stl 154x100x55 printed on Solidoodle (but the bottom is a bit wrapped because of the size being bigger than the printer bed)
Y back frame Cycl_YbackFrame.stl 57x47x28 printed on Solidoodle
Y front frame Cycl_YfrontFrame.stl 103x47x28 printed on Solidoodle
Y front left rod holder Cycl_YfrontLeft_RodIdler.stl 51x50x23 printed on Solidoodle
Y front right rod holder Cycl_YfrontRight_RodIdler.stl 51x50x23 printed on Solidoodle
Rod fixer (x6) Cycl_rodFixer_x6.stl 53x39x9 printed on Solidoodle (with some spares)
Gears Cycl_allGears.stl 114x89x17 printed on Solidoodle
Y carriage bearing holders (x4) Cycl_Ycarriage_linearBearingHolder_x4.stl 73x42x30 printed on Solidoodle (with 2-3 spares)
Y carriage nut holder Cycl_Ycarriage_nutHolder.stl 32x23x35 printed on Solidoodle
X carriage Cycl_Xcarriage.stl 85x65x55 printed on Solidoodle
Z carriage Cycl_Zcarriage.stl 160x129x9 printed on Solidoodle (but part has some wrapping…)
PCB holder Cycl_Ycarriage_PCBholder_x2.stl 120x58x59 printed on Solidoodle


Description Model Quantity Supplier Comment/Status Picture
Stepper Nema17 3 reprap.me arrived (x4)
Base plate Multilayer 30.5x30x2.5 cm Migros size to be confirmed
Movable plate MDF 21.5×12.0x1.1 cm Migros size to be confirmed
Threaded rod (X) 300mm x 8mm 1 1m x 8mm thread rod kindly provided by Paul
Threaded rod (Y) 200mm x 8mm 1
Threaded rod (Z) 90mm x 8mm 1
Smooth rod (X) 250mm x 8mm 2 metallbau-pietrzak.de arrived
Smooth rod (Y) 210mm x 8mm 2
Smooth rod (Z) 110mm x 8mm 2
Linear bearing LM8UU 11-12 ricardo.ch arrived (x12)
Radial bearing 608 4 ricardo.ch arrived (x10)
End-stop switches ?? 3/6 aliexpress.com arrived (x20), too small, but “made fit”
Spindle Dremel200 1 electrolymp.ch arrived


Description Model Qunatity Supplier Comment/Status Picture
Controller Sanguinololu 1.3b2 1 reprap.me arrived
Stepper Motor Driver StepStick A4988 3 reprap.me arrived (x4)
Driver heat sink for A4988 3 reprap.me arrived (x8), but drivers came already with heatsinks
Power supply TODO 1 TODO 12V 7A (2A per motor + 1A for electronics)

Alternative electronics

This comprises newer stepper drivers (in case we need higher currents) and a RAMPS. The latter is also used for the 40W Laser Cutter and goes in direction of unifying PTL CNC controls, but might require some work for height-probing.

Description Model Qunatity Supplier Comment/Status Picture
Controller (1/2) RAMPS 1.4 1 reprap.me arrived
Controller (2/2) Arduino Mega 1 reprap.me arrived
Stepper Motor Driver StepStick DRV8825 3 reprap.me arrived (x4)

Built machine

First PCB!

  1. Schematic entry in KiCad's Eeschema:
  2. Assignment of footprints in KiCad's Cvpcb
  3. Layout in KiCad's Pcbnew:
  4. Conversion of Gerbers to g-code using pcb2gcode-metric
  5. Import into CNC-GCode-Controller:
  6. Milling:
  7. Final result after soldering:


[cyclonev2] Interested in joining this project
Nomparticipation activeparticipation passivesuivre de loins
Alexandre Rosenberg 2015-03-28 13:35:51 
Federico Salis 2016-08-12 10:28:56 
Michael Lew 2016-12-04 16:23:51 

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