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PTL Beer Mats

Project to create wooden beermats for the PTL association, based on the PTL logo


Status du project
Date de début 01/01/2013
Status work in progress
Initiateur Paul Bristow


The plan is to create a 3D model of a beermat including the PTL logo to machine into wood to make a number of beermats for the local

To Do


  • Find DXF of logo (done)
  • Make into 3D model in CAD package (done)
  • Generate 3D toolpath for CNC machine
  • Machine 1st logo beermat
  • Machine n beermats


Liste de fournitures

  • DXF logo
  • 4mm plywood


Interested in joining this project
Nomparticipation activeparticipation passivesuivre de loins
Paul Bristow2013-07-05 12:08:43  
Alexandre R. 2016-07-21 03:06:28 
Lloyd Dizon2013-09-17 22:29:14  
Michael Jaussi2015-07-03 16:40:47  
daniel 2013-12-20 22:15:59 
Charlie Sellers2014-04-08 18:04:25  
Magnus2015-07-03 16:15:13  
Erik Rossen2015-01-03 22:53:54  
Achraf2016-02-18 00:41:342016-02-18 00:41:34 
Michael Lew2016-05-10 23:55:47  
Alexandre Rosenberg  2016-07-21 03:06:10

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