Visited this place on 12.03.2012 (Falko).


  • 100 sq. meters
  • 680 frs/month (no additionial charges)
  • basement floor (-1)
  • no windows but well functioning ventilation
  • access by main entrance and then lift
  • renovation not finished: essentially paint missing or in strange colours
  • possible to remove dividing walls that were added by the previous tenant (see the difference between plan without walls and videos and photos)
  • the stairs in the plan do not exist anymore (former access from the pharmacy) access only from the door shown in plan

Conditions of the landlord

  • No special conditions, was rented as a recording studio before and is situated under a pharmacy
  • → some noise should not be a problem

Video and Pictures


Small video of the local (sorry no lights in all rooms)

Panorama photos of 2012-06-19
p1.jpg p2.jpg p3.jpg p4.jpg

Photos (work in progress)
local_work_in_progress_20120524_1.jpg local_work_in_progress_20120524_2.jpg local_work_in_progress_20120519_1.jpg local_work_in_progress_20120519_2.jpg local_work_in_progress_1.jpg local_work_in_progress_2.jpg local_work_in_progress_13.jpg

Old Photos
img_20120312_143005.jpg img_20120312_143018.jpg img_20120312_143031.jpg img_20120312_143048.jpg img_20120312_143058.jpg

<doodle [takeavdelapraille] | Should we take the space in Av. de la Praille?>

100% yes we should go for it 75% let's take it even if it's not perfect 50% I am not sure but I would accept the decision of the majority 25% There are too much arguments against it (price, privacy…) 0% Not at all


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