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Recherche local 2016

Conditions du local

Condition Score(weight) Kugler comments
Space >= 100m2 10 pass
Able to paint, to make holes/cabling/etc 8 probably ok
Enough electrical power 8 ok (could be increased)
Have enough rooms/separations (or a way to divide space) 8 no separation, we can build some
Phone + internet 10 VoIP only, no fiber, we can install 100Mb wifi
Fast internet (fiber!) 5 no
Can make noise 8 yes but less than 120 dB
Have windows 4 a lot
Have kitchen/place to cook 6 no, place to cook ok
Accessible by public transport 9 tram 14 (cornavin⇔jonction = 10min) + walk 300m
Exposure (allows PTL to be more known) 2
Place for bikes 3
Contract duration (bail) 8 unknown
good airing (electronics, wood work, CNC, laser cutter) 8 enough window
basement, cellar 3 possibility to rent
Kind neighbour 4 unknown, but seems ok
good brightness (sun/artificial light) 8 yes. sun from 14h to sunset. enough neon
room with constant temperature (brew) 3 no
Strong enough floor for heavy machines 3 not sure strong enough for eavy machine
External radio frequency, wifi antenna (VHF/UHF) 3 yes**yes


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